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An estate plan does not have to be complicated to work correctly, something our professionals at Rathburn & Associates are prepared to prove. When you’re ready to take the first step, come visit our Estate Planning law firm in Columbus, OH. We will talk with you, understand what your family makeup is, such as next of kin and heirs at law, and understand your financial goals for your family. Only by doing so can we help you understand how the law works and what options will best fit.

Our estate planning is not cookie-cut from others and put together in “assembly line” fashion. We will put together options for you to consider that can help your family avoid probate, many times without the cost or complexities that a trust involves. Make no mistake, if a trust of some sort is the right answer, we will tell you. If it is not, we will tell you that and let you decide. But it will be an informed decision done with you, not to you.

An Accessible Estate Planning Attorney

We can help you determine what solution is best for you and your family or loved ones—an estate plan that can help achieve your goals. Call Rathburn & Associates to learn more at (614) 497-9918 or come by our office. We provide free parking and easy access, along with more than 27 years of experience.

Contact us for a plan you can feel confident in. We serve the families of Columbus, Ohio, and the nearby areas.

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